Beyond The Grid

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What if the power didn't go out during Hurricane Sandy?

The Beyond the Grid team is working with LES Ready to pilot an innovative resilient energy & communications network to serve the diverse needs of our Lower East Side community.

Beyond the Grid  will power & connect community-based organizations, residential buildings and small businesses, retrofitted through sustainable design, to become resilient hubs of information and relief in crisis scenarios; our innovative use of green energy & communications technologies will enhance economic, environmental & social conditions in both crisis and fairweather scenarios.


Beyond the Grid Project Objectives

  • Develop partnerships between residents, community-based organizations, small businesses and agencies, to establish a community-based resilient energy and communications network.
  • Install energy efficient combined heating and power (CHP) systems to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change; these systems can still operate in the event of a power outage.
  • Strengthen communications using a community wireless network powered by green energy.
  • Protect buildings from flooding and weather extremes.
  • Provide important information to the community in times of crisis and fair weather.


Upcoming Events

Tai Chi Chuan, Quigong, Sword Dancing (Evening Class)
Date/Time: 21 Aug 2017, 6:15PM -
Location: Goldie Chu Community Room (2nd Floor)
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Shape Up NYC: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) PLUS (aka: HIIT PLUS!)
Date/Time: 22 Aug 2017, 6:30PM - 7:30PM
Location: Goldie Chu Community Room (2nd Floor)
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